View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday 18 January

A bright and sunny day, but with a strong southeasterly wind which made it bitingly cold. The mercury remained pegged down at +3C / 37F. Nonetheless, I'm not complaining, when I see the reports of deep snow in southern England and Wales, causing all sorts of problems. Went for a wee amble round the bay to sample the day, and it was nice enough. But for that wind.

The ferry was cancelled at lunchtime due to the strong southeasterly winds, which makes docking hazardous here at Stornoway; the bay faces southeast, and is therefore exposed to today's winds. The freight ferry Muirneag isn't sailing for the same reason.

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Gun control - Gov Perry (TX)

I found this statement from Texas governor Rick Perry, in response to Barack Obama's executive actions, in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Newtown CT.

I have never seen such a horrifying exercise in ostrich policy. Mr Perry, with all due respect, seems to be unaware that the excessive availability and presence of guns in American society, coupled with a poor caring system for those with mental health problems, has brought this (and other similar events) about. I don't think anything will change, in spite of (what I personally see as) the good intentions of the president. I wonder what Gov Perry would have said if his kids (presuming he has any) had been mowed down in a shooting at school.

However, looking at Gov Perry's Facebook page, he has the full support of his populace.