View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Binfight in the Creed Park Corral

In May 2006, the local council launched a scheme whereby all the residents of the island of Lewis were eligible to receive free 3 composting bins. Everybody could call round at the Creed Park recycling centre, 2 miles south of Stornoway. Well, everybody did turn out that Saturday morning. The morning that the Stornoway Half Marathon was being run around the town as well. Result: a tailback on the A859 road which leads past the centre - and tailbacks are unknown here. At the centre, police tried to stop people driving in, but they just blew past, saying "we are entitled to our bins, so we'll get them!". In the end, there were not enough bins for everybody...
Oh, the bins were later spotted in use as chicken coops and sheep shelters.

Sunday 29 March

Pretty abysmal weather today with strong winds and continual rain. Not expecting much improvement into the week until Wednesday, when the weather pattern shifts from west to east. Shame; yesterday was a nice day, except for the low temperatures. So, I'll close this post with some of yesterday's pictures.

Courtyard in the Bridge Centre

Bridge Centre from the Inner Harbour

Bar area in An Lanntair

I am returning to An Lanntair tomorrow to take pictures without people in them; as you know, I'm very reluctant to publish pictures of people on this blog without their consent.