View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sat nav is naff

There continues to be a steady stream of stories of people who are led astray by their satellite navigation system. The latest involved a man who was going to drive his car over the edge of a 100 feet precipice because his sat-nav insisted his narrow track was a road. His vehicle was left dangling over the edge of the cliff, and the emergency services took 9 hours to get it out again. The man is now facing a court appearance for driving without due care and attention.

When you're using a satellite navigation system, don't close your eyes to the world around you. If it leads you onto a cliff, into water or onto undrivable terrain, just don't follow it. Satnav systems are known to be out of date or just plain wrong.

Wednesday 25 March

Bit of a non-descript day, weatherwise. We get the odd shower, it's neither really cold or really mild. Tomorrow should see the start of a decidedly windy spell. The weatherchart shows a deep depression moving in over Scotland, and hanging around for a day or so. Result: galeforce northwesterly winds in the Hebrides.

Those familiar with affairs in the West Highlands and Islands of recent years will have heard of community buy-outs. That means that local residents can buy the land they sit on from the landowner, who more often than not is not himself living in the area. The most high-profile ones were in Assynt and the Isle of Eigg in 1992 and 1997 respectively. They were not the first community-owned tracts of land in the West. Back in 1923, Lord Leverhulme was going to sell the islands of Lewis and Harris (one landmass), but offered the residents of Lewis the right of first refusal. The parishes of Lochs, Uig and Barvas declined, not trusting anything a landlord offered. The parish of Stornoway accepted, and the Stornoway Trust was set up to administer the area. Elections for trustees were held yesterday. The focus was on Sunday ferry sailings and renewable energy. I disagree with the Trust's stance on both issues. I am in favour of a ferry on Sunday, and I don't want huge big turbines spoiling the natural beauty of this island.