View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I promised a decision on my on-line activities for today. You'll be pleased to hear I'll be staying as a blogger, but far less prominent than before. Those who followed me on the Shell Gallery will have got a taster, in other words, a sort of diary, interspersed with the Remembering Today entries. There is not one today, as there are no casualties that fell on January 6th during any of the years of World War I who came from the Isle of Lewis. I'll also try to keep up with you all, but am not promising to make a daily attendance.

My digital camera, in case you did not gather from the Shell Gallery, has failed and is due to go away for repairs by the end of this week. So, no pictures for the time being. I do have a film back-up, but this costs me £10 per roll of film, so am reserving those for my images of wargraves across the Isle of Lewis. Weather permitting, I'll be visiting a couple of cemeteries this week.

6 January

Have returned to Stornoway, arrived back last night at 8.15pm. Long journey, took me about 15 hours door to door. Everything went well and according to schedule. Am still a bit tired, so will write a detailed account tomorrow.

The weather today has been quite mild, 8C, in comparison to the conditions in Holland, which were snowy and extremely cold yesterday. Tonight, they are expecting overnight lows there of -17C / 0F. Rather them than me, and I'm happy to be under the influence of the Atlantic rather than Siberia.