View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Monday 11 May

Force 7 winds all day, but not quite as wet as yesterday. The foot passenger ferry to Ullapool kept running, but the vehicular service to Uig was off altogether. Unseasonably windy, at times difficult to steer a straight course along the pavements.

P5114140 P5114134 P5114136 P5114139

Sunday 10 May

P5104128 P5104129 P5104130

Saturday 9 May

P5094108 P5094110 P5094113 P5094116 P5094123

Friday 8 May

P5084099 P5084100 P5084101 P5084104 P5084105

Thursday 7 May

P5074081 4.43 am
P5074082 P5074084 P5074086 P5074091 P5074094 P5074093
P5074087 Hailstones

Wednesday 6 May

P5064076 P5064077 P5064079

Tuesday 5 May

P5054070 P5054073 P5054075 P5054071