Title picture: Cloudscapes, Stornoway, 1 February 2017

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Saturday 21 August

Today was punctuated by an abnormal ferry schedule. After yesterday's cancellation of services, the boat had to play a large amount of catch-up, meaning it was running 2-3 hours behind schedule - a schedule that (extraordinarily) commenced out of Ullapool. When I was at the ferry terminal at 9.30 am, I noticed a fleet of rally cars coming off, which were going to take place in local races.

Otherwise, I had to sort out someone's computer, which was grinding to a halt, due to incompatibilities surrounding a firewall program. Removing that restored some semblance of normality. It's a bit galling if you're paying a subscription, so I'll look into it further.

Hurricane update - 21 August

A new tropical cyclone has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, which will strengthen into a hurricane by Monday. Danielle is expected to veer from a westerly to a more westnorthwesterly course, attaining a peak intensity of 95 knots by the middle of next week. At present, this system is not forecast to affect any landmasses.