View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wednesday 15 July

Went to Tarbert (Harris) on the bus for lunch, which was very nice indeed. After a visit to a shop selling Harris Tweed items, we headed back for Stornoway.
P7155479 Loch Erisort, Balallan
P7155485 Loch Seaforth, Arivruaich
P7155488 Arivruaich
P7155494 Loch Seaforth, Aline
P7155501 Empire of Stone, Scaladale
P7155505 Maraig

P7155513 P7155515 P7155517 P7155519 P7155525 P7155523 P7155526 P7155528 P7155530 P7155534

P7155536 West Loch Tarbert
P7155542 Bunavoneadar
P7155545 Ardhasaig
P7155547 Clisham
P7155556 Lewis border
P7155564 Loch Stranndabhat
P7155566 Landraiders' Cairn, Balallan
P7155567 Balallan

Tuesday 14 July

It is 226 years ago today since the French revolution started, with the storming of the infamous Bastille prison in France. Revolutions eat their own children, and Robespierre lost his head on the guillotine that became a wholemark of the French revolution.

P7145446 P7145453 P7145452 P7145455

Monday 13 July

Azamara Quest called in, one of the largest cruiseships I have thus far seen at Stornoway. She measures about 600 feet (180 metres) from bow to stern, and her passengers have to be ferried ashore by tender.
P7135431 P7135434
P7135438 Loch Seaforth passing Azamara Quest
P7135440 Cargo boat Isis leaving port

Sunday 12 July

The Anna af Sand left Stornoway for Kyle at 6 in the morning, to take advantage of the tide. She will proceed to Tobermory, Oban and up the Caledonian Canal to return to her home port of Stavanger, Norway.

Otherwise, the day was grey
And the algae in the sea whipped up a bit of scum in the breeze

Saturday 11 July

Today, the Norwegian sailing ship Anna af Sand (Anna of Sand) was open to the public in the marina area of the port. She is a relatively small vessel, but extra crew were flown in and there were 14 crew on board. The crew were most welcoming, although getting on board required a bit of agility.
P7115379 P7115385 P7115387 P7115388 P7115393 P7115395 P7115392
A few pics from the marina, affording an unusual angle on familiar scenes
P7115382 P7115384 P7115383 P7115397 P7115398 P7115381 P7115402
The big tent for next week's Hebridean Celtic Festival has meanwhile been put up on the Castle Lawn.