View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tuesday 28 January

Quite an acceptable day, with only the odd drop of rain. It wasn't warm, 7C / 45F, but neither is that excessively cold. There was a beautiful dawn - but that was marred half a mile down the road when the freight ferry Clipper Ranger lost power whilst maneuvering into its berth. The ship carried on through momentum and collided heavily with the quay. The quay won, and buckled the stern of the vessel. This was then bounced back into the channel, and was in danger of running aground. Fortunately, the captain managed to regain control of his ship, and a safe berthing was effected a little while later. The Clipper Ranger now needs to go into drydock, but when I was having a look this evening, they were doing emergency repairs on the buckled stern section in order to make her seaworthy. The passenger ferry Clansman is now expected to go out tonight to cover the freight run.When I went out to take pics, I took the opportunity to take some nighttime images of Stornoway town centre.

P1287230 P1287234 P1287239 P1287242 P1287245