View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 25 June 2009


I have turned into a steady Twitter user, and find it a nice way to communicate with people on the Internet. But whatever you do, do NOT ask for help from Twitter Support. On 23 April this year, their database cracked up, meaning that a new contact got supplanted by scammers. I reported the matter as it deteriorated further and further. Fortunately, sorted the problem the next day. Twitter Support did get back to me. Tonight. 25 June. 63 days later. It is so poor it is just laughable.

Evening notes

The sun set 10 minutes ago, and the sky is colouring purple, pink and red. We reached 21C / 70F today and it felt quite warm. It certainly did in town, and away from the sea it will have been higher. As you may be aware, I sit here on the seafront, and the cool waters of the Atlantic certainly have a moderating influence on the weather.

I'm not a celebrity follower, but it is reported that Michael Jackson was taken to hospital by ambulance today, apparently not breathing when paramedics attended. Although I'm not a fan of him, I do hope MJ makes a good recovery.

Locally, the debate on Sunday ferries will take to the airwaves tomorrow afternoon at 5pm on local radiostation Isles FM.

With thanks to Connie

Thursday 25 June

Bright, although the sun is slowly disappearing behind a thickening veil of high-level cloud. The temperature is kept back as a result, although 18C is still very creditable for this part of the world. Yesterday, the highest temperature in the Scotland was 26.2C, 80F, at Kinlochewe, in the northwest. Stornoway was the sunniest with 16.2 hours of sunshine. The theoretical maximum number of hours of sunshine is just over 18.