View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Solar eclipse 20 March 2015

P3203299 8.23
P3203306 8.35
P3203311 8.43
P3203314 8.47
P3203324 8.57
P3203331 9.07
P3203343 9.12
P3203352 9.17
P3203359 9.22
P3203365 9.25
P3203372 9.28
P3203380 9.30
P3203384 9.32
P3203388 9.33
P3203390 9.33
P3203392 9.34
P3203397 9.36
P3203400 9.46
P3203406 9.52
P3203412 9.56
P3203414 10.03
P3203419 10.05

Friday 20 March

Today, a 97% partial eclipse was visible in Stornoway - totality was visible from the Faeroes, 250 miles (400 km) to the north, as well as in Svalbard, north of Norway. The weather was better than forecast, with some bright and sunny spells to give me good opportunities for photography - 110 images. The light got really strange around 9.30, when the eclipse was at its height, temperature dropped and the wind got up. I'm posting a separate entry with eclipse pics.

P3203292 P3203295 P3203294 P3203293

Thursday 19 March

P3193288 P3193287
Still hazy today, with some drizzle. It is reported that the Point Show, thus far held at Aird School, has been cancelled because the roof was blown off the school buildings. There is now a distinct chance that the building will have to be demolished.

Wednesday 18 March

P3183273 P3183275 P3183274 P3183278 P3183284
Very hazy conditions today, as shown in the images with the MV Clipper Ranger (by the lighthouse) and the MV Loch Seaforth, parked at Arnish for the day. The last image shows the RNLI lifeboat bringing in a disabled fishing boat; her steering gear was damaged after one of her nets was allegedly caught by a passing submarine - not NATO?

Tuesday 17 March

 P3173221 P3173222 P3173223 P3173226 P3173229 P3173231
Four vessels in the above pics: apart from the fishing boat, there is MV Loch Seaforth, gastanker B Gas Linda and MV Isle of Lewis. In the evening, there was a magnificent display of the aurora borealis - but I didn't have my camera set up properly to capture the pehnomenon...

Monday 16 March

P3163216 P3163219 P3163218

Sunday 15 March

P3153205 P3153208 P3153209 P3153213

I found a TV program from 1970 which was rebroadcast on the Gaelic channel, BBC Alba. I took two screenshots, one showing Cromwell Street Quay, and the other the Arnish Peninsula. No Fabrication Yard, but Kildun Farm where it used to stand. The latter was burned down and the hill it sat on bulldozed in 1974 to make way for the Fabrication Yard.
P3153212 P3153211

Saturday 14 March

P3143200 P3143201 P3143202 P3143204