View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Like everybody else, I do not write out my life on the Internet. I am selective about my writings, for various reasons. You see a lot of (hopefully pretty) pictures, comments about the weather, travel problems and current items in the news, locally, nationally or internationally. Between 2005 and 2014, I was very active in the field of local history in the Hebrides, something that has taken a backseat for now. What is taking front-row I am not, at this stage, prepared to divulge. I also hold an account on LinkedIn, and I post even less on there, if at all. What goes in on the background is in the background for a reason. When I see fit to post about anything on the Internet, I shall do so. No inferences should be drawn from my silence on the multitude of issues I do not write about. Feel free to ask, but please be prepared not to receive an answer, or even a reply. Consider yourself privileged if you do. Thank you for reading. Thank you for taking note. Moran taing; beanneachd leibh.

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Mhairi Black

So everybody is ogling, slavering over and crawling up to a 20-year old lassie from Paislig who became a member of parliament last May. She gave a maiden speech at Westminster that 10m people watched on youtube. Being rebellious is part of growing up. Down-crying the club you have just been elected to join to serve your town and county is not doing your constituents a great service, because you may not be listened to when it really matters. If you are not happy with the way parliament works, Mairi Black (and please don't lenite your first name, that's not grammatically correct), change is most effectively brought about from within, when you've become an accepted and respected member of the club. Following the example of the Western Isles MP, who has had to be instructed how to be a statesman (admittedly by a Speaker who thinks an expenses claim of less than 6 figures is peanuts), is not a good idea.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Executioner on the run

So Jihadi John has fled his masters. Public beheadings going out of fashion, it would seem. Looks like his Islamic credentials don't stand up to scrutiny. Is he trying to avoid meeting the seventy-two virgins that await a martyr in paradise?

Seriously though, this really shows what the Caliphate (Islamic State) stands for. Nothing Islamic. Just a lot of hot air, manipulation, brain-washing and appalling brutality. Given time, they'll follow the fate of Osama bin Liner.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wednesday 22 July

The weather this summer has been almost unrelentingly poor, with frequent spells of drizzle or rain, strong winds, low temperatures and only occasional sunshine. It is the subject of conversation. Today was reasonable.
P7225653 P7225657 P7225660 P7225661

Tuesday 21 July

P7215645 P7215647 P7215651 Cruiseliner Magellan 

Monday 20 July

P7205632 P7205633 P7205635

Sunday 19 July

P7195621 P7195622 P7195625 P7195628 P7195630

Saturday 18 July

P7185615 P7185616 P7185617 P7185619

Friday 17 July

P7175599 P7175602 P7175604 P7175607 P7175610

Thursday 16 July

P7165575 1.38 am - the darkest point of the night
P7165577 P7165576
Day started calm, and the Atlantica needed engine power to leave port at 5.40am
P7165579 P7165584
The Hebridean Celtic Festival is on in Stornoway this week, and it always draws in the crowds.
P7165588 P7165591
P7165598 Loch Seaforth went out at 10.30pm

Labour in decline

I am not someone with strong political convictions, but I am horrified to watch the Labour party tear itself to shreds. It already started after the Scottish independence referendum last year, when a victory for No led to the anomalous result of a boost in SNP (Scottish National Party) support, and the acrimonious departure of the Scottish Labour party leader. Following the drubbing at the polls in May, British Labour needs a new leader, but they are turning on each other. I think they are in a worse state than in the early 80s. I strongly disagree with Angus Macneil's assertion that the SNP is the only legitimate opposition at Westminster - the SNP (IMHO) has no policies, that party just seizes opportunities to be popular. Example: SNP will not vote on English issues, but does vote on such issues when it is politically expedient, e.g. fox hunting. There is no credible opposition at Westminster. Sorry.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Wednesday 15 July

Went to Tarbert (Harris) on the bus for lunch, which was very nice indeed. After a visit to a shop selling Harris Tweed items, we headed back for Stornoway.
P7155479 Loch Erisort, Balallan
P7155485 Loch Seaforth, Arivruaich
P7155488 Arivruaich
P7155494 Loch Seaforth, Aline
P7155501 Empire of Stone, Scaladale
P7155505 Maraig

P7155513 P7155515 P7155517 P7155519 P7155525 P7155523 P7155526 P7155528 P7155530 P7155534

P7155536 West Loch Tarbert
P7155542 Bunavoneadar
P7155545 Ardhasaig
P7155547 Clisham
P7155556 Lewis border
P7155564 Loch Stranndabhat
P7155566 Landraiders' Cairn, Balallan
P7155567 Balallan