View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday 19 January

The day started well, with the postman bringing the package containing my repaired camera. Although I had the use of someone else's camera, there is nothing like your own. The weather today was not very nice, quite cold with frequent heavy and wintry showers. Rain, hail and snow, blown along on a strong wind. Snow is forecast to affect mainland Scotland tomorrow.

The hurricane season has come to life. In the southern hemisphere, that is. Tropical cyclone Ethel is threatening the small Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues, a few hundred miles east of Mauritius. It could be a nasty hit, as the storm will be at peak intensity, 90 mph. Further west, tropical cyclone Funso is running down the Mozambique Channel between the island of Madagascar and mainland Africa. This storm will not directly affect land, but in five days' time, it will be at 110 mph. And not yet at peak intensity.
As I reported on Facebook, my Tropical Cyclones blog is suddenly very popular, with 1,000 pageviews just today. I have been keeping the TC blog for five years, and this always happens when a cyclone threatens Mauritius or environs. The largest number that ever visited in one day was more than 3,000 in early 2007, when TC Gamede threatened the French island of La Reunion, west of Mauritius.