View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 27 October 2008

Another round

Told you

Dear AOL Pictures user,

In order to offer you a more comprehensive online photo service, we will be closing down AOL Pictures on 31 December 2008.

We have partnered with Pixum, one of Europe’s leading and multi-award winning independent online photo service providers, to provide all AOL Pictures customers with a free, improved and fully integrated ‘one-stop’ online photo service.

To ensure that you keep all of your photos, we recommend that you transfer your photos to the new photo service before 31 December 2008. Go and transfer your photos to our new photo service provided by Pixum and get up to 100 prints for free!*

Please note that to transfer your photos you will have to sign up for a Pixum account. By selecting the transfer option, you consent that your name, email address and AOL Screen Name are encrypted and sent to Pixum to facilitate the registration and the transfer of your photos.

Alternatively, you can download your photos to your computer.

You need to ensure you have either transferred your photos to the new photo service provided by Pixum or downloaded them to your computer by 31 December 2008. After this time, the site will be permanently closed and you will not be able to access your photos through AOL Pictures. So, do please ensure that you act now and go to AOL Pictures for continued access to your photos or to save your photos on your computer.

To have a look at the new photo site provided by Pixum, please click here.
To Learn more about Pixum, click here.

We hope to see you on our new site soon!


Your AOL Pictures Team


Have cleared Google Reader this afternoon, commented on several of your blogs. Put a handful on Followers that were not already on Followers, and am quite impressed with the way some blogs have been dressed up.

I'll try to keep up, but cannot promise.

Four days to go to AOL Journals shutdown.

Stuck to the toilet

A man was stretchered from the high-speed train between La Rochelle and Bordeaux in France, with a toilet-bowl attached to his arm. After using the lavatory, his mobile phone had fallen in, and he had stuck his arm into the bowl to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the suction mechanism had engaged and had sucked his arm into the pipework. The emergency services had to physically remove the toilet from the train, still attached to the man.


We can expect more severe weather tomorrow, when north to northwesterly winds ratchet up to galeforce, bringing snow to sealevel. Bit unusual for late October, but we're getting everything, including the kitchensink at the moment. The ferry has remained tied up here in Stornoway this afternoon, as the crossing to Ullapool would have been too rough. Judging by today's advance weather warning, the MV Isle of Lewis won't be going anywhere tomorrow either.

There is a moderate risk of a severe event affecting northern parts of Scotland during Tuesday. An unseasonably cold spell of weather will see gale force north or northwesterly winds bringing snow to many areas. Significant snow accumulations are possible over higher ground, and some snow could settle down to sea level. The strong winds will also mean blizzard conditions, especially over higher ground.

Monday 27 October

Nice sunny morning with showers passing by or over. Otherwise fairly quiet today.

Saturdays' storm caused a fair bit of disruption in Lewis. Bus services were suspended, as it was too dangerous to drive a large vehicle. A bus travelling from Tarbert to Stornoway was damaged on the pass over the Clisham. The entrance porch at the Tesco supermarket was damaged by the wind. Ferry services, as I reported on the day, were extensively disrupted.

Yesterday, both the passenger and the freight ferry did catch-up runs - on a Sunday. Wow.