View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 5 October 2012

Thursday 4 October

After a lunchtime call at my sister's, I headed off for Schiphol Airport for the flights to Inverness and on to Stornoway. Although I was not allocated a window seat on the Inverness flight, I noticed a couple of empty seats, so relocated to enjoy the views down. We came over British territory over the River Humber, then flew north to pass north of Glasgow, finally to land into a decidedly chilly Inverness at 5.15pm. The onward flight to Stornoway departed 15 minutes early, presumably because all that were booked to go on it were already on board. We flew into the sunset, and began to run into showers on the approach to Point. Landed at 6.30, only to find that my luggage had not come with me. Filed a missing luggage complaint, and proceeded back to base, just as darkness fell.

Until my luggage returns, I will not be able to post pictures of this trip.