View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 30 March 2009

Needle alert

There is a batch of counterfeit needles in circulation in the United Kingdom. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has issued an alert, which I relay:

The counterfeit needle details are: Novofine Needles 31G (0.25mm x 6mm) lot number 08J02S labelled as manufactured by Novo Nordisk Ltd. People who have these insulin pen needles should stop using them. They can return any affected needles to their pharmacist where they should also be able to obtain replacements.

There is no assurance that these counterfeit needles are manufactured to the appropriate quality standards. The possible consequences of using these counterfeit needles could include adverse reactions; pain and discomfort; infection and difficulty in attaching the needle to the pen injection device.

MHRA Director of Device Technology and Safety, Clive Bray said,

“Please check the Novofine needles that you are using. If you are unsure about the needles you have, then please visit your pharmacist as they can assist you. Alternatively contact Novo Nordisk Ltd. The MHRA has issued a Medical Device Alert (MDA) today to healthcare professionals including pharmacists and specialist diabetic health workers. They have been asked to quarantine any affected stock and to stop supplying the affected needles. We encourage people to report faulty medical devices and suspected counterfeits to the MHRA by calling our Adverse Incident Hotline on 0207 084 3080 or via our website."

Time of the month

Ladies, do you find you turn into a shopaholic in the week before 'that' time of the month? There could an explanation for it, in terms of hormonal changes. And if you find it a problem, well, don't go shopping at 'that' time of the month. More here.

Monday 30 March

Reasonable day, with some brightness in amongst the clouds. The Uist freighter Nord Star was hauled up onto the Goat Island slipway this morning. She is a relatively large boat and only just fits on. Received my copy of my photobook Lewis Light, that I promoted a week or so ago, and am not entirely impressed. Printing of some pictures has left blotches on the photographs (phooey, Lulu), and I noticed that some of the captions were wrong (phooey, Guido). Oh well, keep correcting. Will feedback to Lulu about the print quality. I don't like having to shell out £20 and more for that, let alone innocent punters.