View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday 11 May

The MV Hebridean Princess came into port today for the first of this season's visits. She is a small, 49-passenger cruiseship, converted from the former Calmac ferry Columba. For £5,000, you can spend two weeks hanging over the railing, being seasick around the Hebrides. Sorry.

It was a nice sunny day today, but not terribly warm. After 17C earlier this week, we have gone back to 12C. The sun feels warm enough, but the air does not.

P5112987 MV Hebridean Princess

P5112988 P5112986

Friday 10 May

P5102978 P5102979
Spring has slowly made inroads into the Hebrides, and our temperatures now reach double figures in the daytime. Flowers are coming out, as are the leaves on the trees.

Yesterday, the body of a woman was found on a beach at Swordale, 4 miles east of Stornoway. Today, her identity was reveiled. Ann Maccallum was a local business woman who had managed the Woolworth store in Stornoway, until the chain folded in 2008. After a stint in Harris Tweed, she had gone to manage the WeeW store in the town - until the tragic news of her death.

Thursday 9 May

P5092967 P5092970

At 10.36pm:
P5092972 P5092974

Wednesday 8 May

Another bright and sunny day, until the cloud increased with rain following in the afternoon. I accompanied two visitors to the beach at Tolsta; leaving them to paddle in the sea whilst I ambled the mile and a half to Tolsta Head, and the same distance back. Hardly anybody there, and by the time I got back to the road, nobody on it. Lovely.

P5082964 P5082962 P5082959 P5082952 P5082946 P5082938 P5082933 P5082926 P5082919 P5082911 

Tuesday 7 May

Brilliantly sunny and warm day, with the thermometer at 17C at one point. Had lunch outside, and an amble around the harbour.

P5072898 P5072897 P5072891 P5072888

Monday 6 May

MV Wilson Algeciras, delivering another windturbine to the island.

P5062873 P5062872

Sunday 5 May

P5052865 P5052866 P5052867
Took a walk from Sandwick back to Stornoway in the morning; rain came on soon afterwards.

Saturday 4 May

P5042857 NLB vessel Pole Star

The below two pics were taken at around 8pm
P5042861 P5042863

Friday 3 May

Cruiseliner Ocean Nova called round this morning, to depart for the Shiants in the afternoon.

P5032855 P5032847

Thursday 2 May

P5022841 P5022842

Wednesday 1 May - picture post

P5012810 P5012811 P5012817 P5012818 P5012822 P5012824 P5012831 P5012830