View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Social networking revisited

Putting into practice what I commenced on Sunday, and boy, did it work out the way I feared. Twittering along, Facebooking to my heart's content, reading journals and writing on all said sites, the day flew by. Oh, mind you, I did find time to go into town to seek out that mysterious boat that came in at 11 am; only to find it had sneaked out whilst I was having lunch. Only got a picture of Cuddy Point plus wreck-buoys and of Lews Castle from King Edward Quay.

I think I'll leave Twitter for what it is, keeping an eye on it on a once-a-day basis (like this time of the night). Facebook will carry on as it has since we were kicked off AOL, as will the journals. Deb has alerted us to a change in the Terms of Service of Facebook; if you are on there, check it out. I'm not too fussy, but if you have very unique content, links etc, beware.

It is close on 10.30pm, the lorries are rumbling past my window on their way to be shipped to the mainland on board MV Muirneag in an hour's time.

Closing schools is an emotive issue in these islands, and the local council have their ties in a twist over it. After voting for, against, for [that was the voting record of one council session last August] closure of the secondary extension of the primary schools (two years of secondary education in the local primary) in 4 locations, the Education Secretary to the Scottish Government threw the whole plan out. Yet, the council have now said they will continue with the closure plans never mind what, as not doing so would blow an £12m hole in their finances. No, I don't understand it either.

Tuesday 17 February

Bright morning, after the mist and drizzle of the early hours cleared. Temperature has inched up to 11C, so we're having a pretty mild day.

Couple of items in the news today, which caught my eye. A haemophiliac patient has died suffering from variant-Creutzfeldt-Jacobs Disease (the human version of mad-cow disease), although he did not have any symptoms. He was the first case to emerge as a result of being given contaminated blood products.

There is a continuing row in the Western Isles about the closure of schools and the role of councillors. A local website carries calls for resignations of some of them - the closure plans were torpedoed by the Scottish Government as being incompetent.

Just as I close this post, the sun has come out.