View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Customer service

I had to bite back a sardonic cackle this evening when I logged into my blog, to be greeted by an advert from AOL Broadband UK. The greatest customer service, was the subtitle. Good grief, how dare they.

Six minutes five seconds

Dmitri Shostakovich wrote this second movement to his 2nd Pianoconcierto in A-minor. Don't say you aren't reaching for the tissues by the end of it.

Victor Borge - need I say more?

Sunday 23 November

It is pitch dark as I type this at 5.40pm, the sun having long since set. The weather today was wet, windy and cold, a maximum of 7C / 45F just being achieved. Nothing to write home about. Having a quiet day, with a bit of reading and catching up. I am currently going through "A Shilling for your Scowl", about abuse of power by one man - who was allowed to do so by the establishment in the mid-19th century in the Isle of Lewis. He held 32 public offices at the same time, some patently incompatible with being held by one man.

A couple is suing McDonalds after images on a phone they accidentally left behind in one of their stores appeared on the internet. Nude ones. McDonalds had promised to secure the phone, but something leaked. Cautionary tale: if you put compromising material on your phone, either lock it or take it off as soon as possible.