View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Trip to Tolsta

Tolsta is a township some 13 miles north of Stornoway on the east coast of Lewis. It is famous for two lovely beaches and the alleged practice of putting the cockerel under a basket on the Sabbath. Not sure that that is still being done. I went to the beach at Garry, 2 miles north of Tolsta, but one of my companions came away with a scare: sank into quicksand and did a strange injury to a finger as a result. The top joint of the injured finger now persistently stands at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the finger, never mind what you do. Got an improvised mallet splint until a GP can be seen on Monday - one saving grace, it's not painful.

Here's some pictures

Those who follow my blipfoto output are familiar with this image - an old pussycat warming herself by a fire

Saturday 6 March

Just been up to the shop to buy the Sunday meal - having lasagna this evening. Thought it wasn't cold, and I just spotted the midday weather report: 11C / 52F. Not seen that for a while. It is feeling quite springlike with lots of bright sunshine and buds swelling on the dogrose bushes down the street. My cold is a little better this morning (thank you), so that'll continue going away in the same way it came: on its own.

Be careful what pictures you put on Facebook. It could cost you your life
I know people who won't touch the social networking side of the Internet with a barge pole, slating teenagers for spending more time on the Net than meeting friends face to face. Worse than that, being 'groomed' by people they don't know. Facebook has a genuine purpose for people far apart to stay in touch, using text and photographs. That capacity can also be used for malicious purposes, and is in fact being used as such. It is commonly known that it is not a good idea to slag off your employer on the Net, unless you do it on a closed site to which your employer and colleagues have no access. However, there is never an excuse for murder.