View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wednesday 7 August

Went to the Carloway Show this afternoon, which was one of the best shows I've been to in Lewis in recent years. It was sunny and warm, making the outside events doubly enjoyable. It was very busy indeed, as demonstrated by lines of parked cars along the roads into the village.

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Tuesday 6 August

Google wished me happy birthday today, and I was delighted to receive various gifts, including the two cakes pictured. Had a very nice dinner, savoy cabbage special. And the weather was also suitably bright today.


Monday 5 August

P8054600 P8054599
The day was bright and fairly sunny, but the clouds bubbled up as the morning progressed. The Castle Grounds continue to be burned to eradicate rhododendrons, prompting a disgruntled letter to Hebrides News. I have now finished my short story, which stretches to five pages in actual A4 print.

Sunday 4 August

P8044596 P8044597
Very busy today writing a short story, which is running away with me. The weather is quite conducive towards writing, so the keyboard is rattling.