View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Friday, 21 October 2011

Mod 2011

Contrary to 2005, I only attended one competition in this year's Royal National Mod, which took place in Stornoway this week. After I post this entry, there will only be the final concert at the Sports Centre tonight, and the massed choirs in Perceval Square on Saturday morning - if the weather is bad, it'll be in the Nicolson Institute. Glancing at the forecast, I'd suggest to head for the Nicolson.

The one competition I attended was competition A302 (Area Choirs), which took place at Stornoway Town Hall earlier today. Five choirs took part, singing one prescribed piece (Tir nam Beann Ard) as well as a piece of their own choice. Click on one of the links below to hear a recording.

The winner was Nairn Gaelic Choir in the competition overall, as well as being awarded highest marks in music. Dundee Gaelic Musical Association was awarded highest marks in Gaelic.

Dundee Gaelic Musical Association

Largs Gaelic Choir

Nairn Gaelic Choir

Ar n’Oran (Ottawa)

Portree Area Gaelic Choir

Stornoway Town Hall

Following the controversy over the refurbishment of the interior of Stornoway Town Hall, I would like to share the images I took inside the Hall today, whilst attending a competition of the Royal National Mod (see next post).

Ceiling and rooflights

Windows at rear of hall - now visible

The Hall from the back

The Hall in 2006