View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday 26 June

A day with quite variable weather here in Stornoway. It was mainly overcast, but the sun came out just after 3pm, which pushed the mercury to 19C / 66F. A couple of showers passed over during early evening. I went for a walk round Stornoway harbour this pm to see if anything had changed - not.

I've been compiling some information for the wargraves I found in the cemetery on the island of Vlieland where I was just over a week ago- have a look here. Tomorrow and next week I shall resume my transcriptions of the Napier Commission reports for the Outer Hebrides, and looking into the Canadian Lewismen who fought in WW1.

Hurricane update - 26 June

Tropical storm Alex is currently approaching the Yucatan peninsula and Belize. The system will pass over the peninsula and reemerge into the Gulf of Mexico, continuing to head westnorthwest. It is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by the time it makes landfall near the Texas / Mexican border. If you're in that area: please monitor the 3-hourly advisories from the NHC.

1152 days at sea

Intrepid record breaking sailor Reid Stowe returned to Terra Firma on June 18th, after being at sea continuously for 1,152 days. Initially, he was joined by a female companion, but she needed to return to land within a year or so. Three years after setting forth from New York, Reid berthed the schooner Anne there once more. The dedicated website contains dozens of links to the news on this story. I have enjoyed following Reid on his at times slow progress across the oceans of the world, and wish him well for the future.