View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wednesday 28 September

A very strange day in terms of weather. After the initial clouds had rolled away, the temperature shot up to an unusually high 20C / 68F. That sort of 'heat' is usually confined to July or August; late September should see our temps down to 14C / 57F. However, it was quite welcome to have a spot of summer weather.

I was equally pleased to note that Scottish National Heritage is objecting to a large windfarm, which has been proposed for an area about 4 miles west of Stornoway. It would sit between the Pentland Road, Lochs Road and Cleascro Road, with the village of Achmore at its western apex (see this Google Map). SNH is insisting that a third of the turbines be removed. This would make the windfarm economically unviable, as its output would be too low to justify the construction of the subsea electricity cable (the interconnector). Similarly, the RSPB is insisting that the scheme be scaled back.

As a perceived result of the Arab Spring, women in Saudi Arabia have taken to going behind the wheel of a car (unaccompanied). That is illegal in that country, and one woman has been apprehended, tried and sentenced to ten lashes. King Abdullah (presumably as a result of the international outcry) has overturned the sentence, according to the BBC's Frank Gardner.