View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday 24 March

Not quite as nice as yesterday, but still pretty bright with some elusive sunshine. As timetables are changing tomorrow, I went out to the ferry terminal to get copies of the summer timetables for the Calmac ferries. No problem. At the bus station, they only had timetables for the individual routes, not a booklet with all timetables combined. A bit of a nuisance, and I told the staff I'd download the timetables from the Internet.

It would appear that the no-fly zone over Libya is in force, and being enforced. Gaddafi's "ceasefire" is precisely the opposite, and it is better to view that man's words in their exact opposite - he is a proficient liar. His people are suffering as a result, and I hope for their sake, that Libya will soon be a no-Gaddafi zone. Not just Muammar, but also the clique of his offspring, which are just as nefarious.

A young woman who went missing from Swindon in Wiltshire a few days ago has been found dead near the town. Another corpse was also located, and a man has been charged with a double murder.

Wednesday 23 March

A beautiful spring day, which saw the mercury at its highest so far this year: 15C / 59F. During the morning, the clouds drifted away and I took advantage of the nice weather with a foray out in the general direction of Carloway. The most scenic route there is along the old Pentland Road, which had been designed to be the trackbed of a light railway, but is now a roadway. It leads through the desolate centre of the island towards the villages of Breasclete and Carloway.

At Carloway, we diverted to the Doune Breas Hotel for lunch - but I prefer to keep my opinion of that particular meal private, as it's not suitable for publication on an open blog. We then made our way north to Dalmore, which is a tiny hamlet a mile or two from Carloway, in by the shore.

Dalmore hosts a large cemetery, and I had taken along a list of wargrave stones I needed to photograph again, as the originals (taken in 2007) were not very clear. The strong sunlight made light work of that on this occasion. The Dalmore graveyard lies right above the beach.
Here are some of the pics I took there: