View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday 25 October

A cold day, and as the afternoon progressed, cloud has moved in to deprive us of the sun's warmth as well. A southerly breeze is blowing the leaves around, and the rainfall radar shows the rain only a few dozen miles away. It will last until tomorrow.

Here in Stornoway, there has been a burst water mains, which briefly led to a loss of pressure and continuing brown discolouration of the water. Although the burst occurred on the other side of town, here by the water's edge, we're still not back to normal, an hour and a half after the initial problem. I'm keeping tabs on the website of Scottish Water for updates. #fail

Not that that was rated as anything remotely important to local radio station, Isles FM, which blithely reported on the break-in at Aladdin's Cave (a small shop) over the weekend, the controversy surrounding the proposed withdrawal of tug cover for the Minch &c. #fail

Facebook allows you to download everything you have ever put on the site. In order to verify your identity, you have to recognise pictures of any of your friends. Well, I failed dismally (sorry folks), and can now not access my details. Another big round #fail, this time for Facebook.