View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday 14 August - picture post

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I have just been wading through my colossal backlog of blog reading. I shall have to make time each day to read the postings that you all make on the blogs, or at least on those I have on Google Reader. The number of links I monitor on there is somewhere around 350. That is not just blogs, but also news and information sites. Another source for information and news is Twitter, which is easier to keep track of when I'm logged into that site. Facebook has now taken the place of blogging, or at least it has done over the past couple of weeks and months, but I have now realised that many of you are still writing on blogs, so I'll be back there more often. I use Twitter for keeping up to date with matters local, regional, national and international.

Sunday 14 August

Quite a bright day until very recently; at half past six the atmospheric instability finally produced a shower. Quite a "boaty" day, with the cruiseliner Clipper Odyssey putting in a brief appearance in the morning, followed by the tall-ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl, which will be open to the public tomorrow afternoon. The ferry left pretty much on schedule at 2.30pm, trailing fumes of diesel and fried chips in its wake. Went for an amble around town - and hardly met a soul. It's Sunday!

Completed the transcripts of the 1940 tributes from the Stornoway Gazette (by inserting links and pictures in the main WW2 tribute site).

I am getting quite annoyed with our politicians who completely miss the point behind last week's riots in England. The police were late getting their act together from the word go; but it had nothing to do with gangs. The "gangs" that David Cameron sees are actually individuals who are linked together by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you name it. I remain gobsmacked by the image of the young woman who is pictured carrying off six pairs of shoes - what is she trying to, emulate Imelda Marcos? She was no gangster - just a daft soul, carried away by the mass-hysteria of looting. And I don't think that it will do much good to evict the families of those found guilty of looting, in fact, it could make matters worse. Politicians, why do we vote for them.