View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tuesday 21 January

After a five week sojourn in the Netherlands, I travelled back to Stornoway once more today.

Left my dad's place at 11.40, caught the bus at 11.55 to reach the station at Arnhem with exactly one minute to spare to catch the 12.16 train to Schiphol Airport. Reached there at 13.35, and had quite a bit of time before the plane left for Inverness at 15.35. The 535 miles to Inverness passed off without incident, I was glad I had a book. Reached Inverness at 15.55 local time (that's an hour behind mainland Europe), just as the sun was setting. Although they had to deploy a different aircraft (the original one had broken down in Benbecula or Stornoway), it only delayed us by 20 minutes, meaning I was on the ground at Stornoway at 19.10, and in the door here at 19.30. Although everything went well, I was exhausted, so made it an early night.

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