View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


The BBC reported this evening that Dutch MP Geert Wilders has been banned from entering the United Kingdom. Mr Wilders, who heads up the Freedom party PVV, gained prominence in March 2008 through the publication of a 15-minute video called Fitna. Fitna is an Arabic word, translated as strife in some instances. The film has been put on the Internet, and was due to be shown to the House of Lords by Mr Wilders.

He has now been denied entry to the UK as his presence is held to be harmful to community relations. Mr Wilders faces trial in Amsterdam for inciting hatred. The Dutch government is thought to be undertaking diplomatic moves to undo the ban.

Quite frankly, this being the year 2009, we can do without the outmoded views disseminated by Mr Wilders. Muslim extremism, which peaked around the time of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, has been increasingly superseded and sidelined in countries like Iraq and even Iran. Pragmatism seems to be taking over, in spite of festering sores like Palestine / Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Wilders has gained prominence on account of problems in Dutch society surrounding migrants, integration (more to the point: lack of) and misinformation. When people holding views like his start to become popular, it is time for government and community leaders to open their eyes and check what is wrong. And fix it. Seventy-five years ago, a failed artist from Austria came to power in Germany, by promising the residents of that country a solution to their economic woes. His name was Adolf Hitler.

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Some of you may remember Cathy [chatzeekay on AOL], who battles with brain injuries following accidents and abuse. She could not resume a journal on Blogger (yet), and has asked me to relay this message. Please note that I have done a direct copy and paste, and the message is exactly as Cathy typed it. Her typos result from her medical condition.

i know i ave not stayed in touch. and its been rough going for me and the hands, and the rest, how is journal land on the otherside. i have not been on the computer at all in some time, and wante dto write a small summarry of things, but have not been able to has of yet, just like a update of such to pass along to my friends that i misss so much. i keep strong even though its rough and still have my courage , and of course my faith and my prayers, i know you will not forget of me i hope no one does. but please let everyine know that i am doing alright and i contuie to strive towards my goals. if i get my summary complied i hope you can post it on your journal, i have not been reading journlas. cause so much has been overwhemling for me, th epain to type is unbearble, hope all is well with you and your famliy, catherine courage,

Traffic carnage

This afternoon, a long-fingered resident of Stornoway found himself at the receiving end of a case of "from the frying pan into the fire". After being forcibly removed from his home on the seafront, he ended up losing his life on the mean streets of the town. The pink resident had been extricated by parties unknown, reported to be wearing white or grey, using a long, yellow implement to gain access to his home. This had been done without prior warning, just as the unfortunate was enjoying mussels for lunch. Struggling madly, he managed to gain freedom from the grasp of his captors, but fell whilst crossing a street near his home. Unable to get out of the way of traffic, he was run over and killed instantly.

Remembering Today - 11 February

On this day in the First World War, this man from the Isle of Lewis lost his life in the service of King and Country. RIP.


Last address in Lewis: 41 Park Carloway,
Son of John and Catherine Macleod; husband of Catherine Macleod, of 41, Mill Park, Carloway, Stornoway.
Regiment or division: Royal Navy, HMS Pembroke
Service number: 9665/DA
Date of death: 11 February 1919 at the age of 51
Died of illness
Joined up in November 1917 although at age 48. Served from 1915 until invalided in 1917
(This line quoted directly from the Roll of Honour)
Interred: Dalmore Cemetery, Lewis

Wednesday 11 February

A very cold start to the day here, with the mercury down to -4C at 7 am, an hour before sunrise. Right now, we've gone up to +6, due to bright sunshine. Clouds have now crept in, but it remains a bright day. The weather is not as nice in southwestern England. Two bus crashes have left more than 40 people injured, following the formation of ice. Across in the USA, a tornado has ripped through a town in Oklahoma, leaving 15 dead. This time of year is unusual to have tornadoes in the Mid West.