View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday 10 July

The day commenced grey and overcast, and we had a spell of drizzle for an hour or so between 11 and 12. This started just as the competitors in the Sail Stornoway "Coronation Cup 1902" set sail for Cromore and Bayble. When I went to the Coastguard Station to take pictures, I could hardly make out the white sails against the grey sky, so the pics from the house have to suffice.

Tomorrow will see a Sail in Company to Bayble, some 5 miles east of Stornoway, followed by a barbeque on the beach and the adjacent pier.

The Hebridean Celtic Festival is set to take off on Thursday, with quite a few well (and not so well) known bands playing in the big blue tent by the Castle, and in venues across town. This is the 17th edition of the festival, and once more, many thousands are flocking to these shores. I expect tomorrow's three sailings from Ullapool to be packed out, and cross my fingers that the ferry doesn't break down. It's been doing that a few times too many of late.