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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Midnight notes

Twelve days to go before AOL Journals shut down. Most people have found themselves a new blog, and have had their old one transferred. Those that haven't, and I'm one of them, are getting a tad nervous. My old blog, Northern Trip, is safely downloaded onto my PC, but comments are not shown. I dread the response in the coming weeks and months when people return from being away - and find themselves without a blog. Worse, having lost the memories of the past 5 years.

I've posted a huge list of blogs on Magic Smoke, and hope to add to it as comments come in. I can no longer be bothered to trace old URLs, partly because many have been deleted already. Northern Trip will remain on AOL until they pull the plug.


Found this useful journal with information for those moving away from AOL. Like us.

Saturday 18 October

Repeating myself all this week: weather is sunshine and showers, although the showers have temporarily subsided. It is quite breezy this morning.

I'm getting quite fed up with all that news about the credit crunch, a stock-market collapse and what have you. Whatever governments do, it does not appear to help the woes around. Because, put simply, they have been trying to fill holes with holes, and you're still left with nothing. Borrowing money against a collateral that isn't worth the money taken out against it is a recipe for disaster, a disaster that is now happening.

The transfer of blogs continues to hit snags. I've already highlighted the Backstreet Browser for those desperate to save their blogs on their own PC. More options are currently being explored, and I shall flag them up as news reaches me.