View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Thursday 6 May

The polls have closed about 20 minutes ago (as I start writing this post) in the General Election. The results will start to come in from about 10.45pm onwards, although the bulk will be declared at around 2 am. I am fed up with pundits saying what it will be like, and I'm not looking forward to an evening of journalists talking to each other about worms, swingometers and other stuff that usually turns me into an electophobe.

The second cruiseliner of the summer season called into Stornoway today. The 1961 built Funchal dropped anchor off the Arnish Lighthouse early in the morning and began discharging passengers ashore using tenders. They were bussed round the island to see the sights, like the Callanish Stones, Carloway Broch, Gearrannan and Arnol Blackhouses and what not. At around 6pm, it weighed anchor to head for Invergordon, north of Inverness. I've got pictures of the ship, which I will display in a day or so.

The weather today? Fairly bright with the odd light shower and not too cold. The volcanic ashcloud is threatening Ireland (i.e. us as well), forcing the closure of Irish airports tomorrow. I think I'll abandon airtravel in favour of surface travel for the foreseeable future. May stow away on one of the cruiseliners one of these days.