View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesday 7 August

An overcast day, opening into spells of brightness. We managed 15C; later in the week, it should get warmer. The cruiseliner Silver Cloud called in between 8 am and 3pm for a visit, allowing its passengers a glimpse of the town and the island before heading to Belfast, London and the Mediterranean. Next liner will be the MSC Lirica, which is due on Saturday, as well as on August 23rd. This year, just over 20 cruiseliners will be visiting our small port.

It was reported that all 23 railway open level crossings in Scotland (i.e. crossings without barriers) will now have barriers fitted. This follows a string of accidents in which lives were lost on such crossings. In one incident, three people were killed on a crossing at Halkirk, in the far north of Scotland, when their car was struck by a train in 2009. Whilst applauding the improvement in safety, the question remains in my mind whether it will ever stop the idiots who will try to jump the barriers in their cars, not being prepared to wait the minute or two.