View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday 16 December

A quiet and overcast day, which saw the mercury gradually rising to 7C, which it still is as I type this at 11pm. Sunday is always quiet here, and even the ferry departure at 2.30pm went virtually unnoticed.

America is still coming to terms with the school shooting at Newtown CT. All victims were shot with 3 to 11 bullets each, and that just does not bear thinking about. However, it would appear that the culprit had a serious psychological disorder, which has highlighted that there are quite a few children around with such problems. I refer to the blog of "Anarchist Soccer Mom" for a description what form that can take - and it's not pleasant reading.

As a former J-land blogger, I cannot help but notice that several members of the community have lost their pets in recent days. One had to put their cat to sleep, two weeks after the same had to be done to another feline; another person lost their dog. As I always say in such situation, the pets will await their owners beyond the Rainbow Bridge, for them to join them again when they pass on.