View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Early Tuesday morning

Ice on the Basin (it was -5C overnight)

Ferry cancelled

Tuesday pictures

Eoropie Beach

Mainland hills

Looking south towards Dell

Geese afoot

Sheep in croft

Houses in Habost

Wednesday 10 March

Overcast but with some brightness about. It feels cold in the wind today, and I'm not tempted to do much outside. Still on matters meteorological, a tropical cyclone is forming in the South Atlantic. That is about the 7th system in recorded history to form there. The tropical depression is located some 200 miles off the coast of Brazil, east of Puerto Alegre and could become a tropical storm, before it gets absorbed by a frontal system by the weekend. In 2004, Catarina swept ashore in Brazil as a category II hurricane.

A debate will be held in the House of Commons at 4pm this afternoon on the future of the Lewis Chessmen. Our MP, Angus Macneil, is of the opinion that the 92 chessmen should be kept in the museum here in Stornoway, rather than in the British Museum in London. The Lewis Chessmen were found in the sands at Uig Bay, 35 miles west of here, in 1831. Repatriating artifacts is a sensitive point as far as the British Museum is concerned. The Elgin Marbles have been asked back by Greece, where they originate, many a time. And there are thousands of objects in the museum that could be argued have been looted from around the world by the British. Mr Macneil is also taking umbrage at the suggestion that the Lewis Chessmen originate in Norway. Research has suggested that they do come from there, although that is not a certainty. The alternative is that the Chessmen could have been made in this island. Anyone wishing to watch the debate in Parliament can view it on BBC Parliament, which is relayed on the BBC iPlayer, Freeview channel 81 and Sky channel 504.