View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Saturday 1st September

Summer's over. OK, the equinox is still three weeks away, but you know what I mean. Summer's been over here in the islands since it left us in July. That's usually the way of it. It's been a quiet Saturday, with not much happening. The hurricane updates keep me occupied for a quarter of an hour three times a day, and I supply what information I can to each of the Iolaire victims that is remembered by the Iolaire Working Group on Facebook each day. I found myself in Tesco on a busy afternoon, for the papers and a few bits and pieces that were required for the weekend. Dinner was a chicken kiev with runner beans and potato mash. Weather? Cloud and sunshine, with the odd drop of drizzle.

Shaking my head at a party grandee who has done his party the worst possible disservice - I'm of course referring to former SNP member, leader and first minister Alex Salmond. He has a talkshow on RT. Good gawd, Putin's mouthpiece. What an absolute gaffe from a foreign policy perspective; just as well the man never became leader of an independent Scotland.

Did I mention that Hamish Macbeth is airing again at the moment on True TV? 6pm on weekdays, you can find the channel on Freeview channel 68 (if in the UK).

Nearing midnight, the day is over. Good night.