View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 11 October 2010

Sunday 10 October

At 10.10.10 on 10.10.10 I took a picture of the clock, which I shall relay on here later today. It was another bright and sunny day, although a tad cooler than yesterday. Had lunch outside again (who would have thought of that, sitting out in October), then spent the afternoon working on the transcription of the Napier Commission's report on Orkney. I only have to do the appendices to that section to complete the work. Next in line: Sutherland, mainland Scotland.


British Prime Minister David Cameron has just held a press conference, in which he has given the latest information on the death of the British aid worker Linda Norgrove. She was killed when US forces were trying to rescue her from the hands of extremists in the east of Afghanistan. Initially, it was suggested that the captors had detonated a suicide bombvest near her. However, Mr Cameron has now said that Linda may have been killed by a grenade used by the US forces. This information was relayed to the PM by the General Portraeus who is in overall command of NATO forces in Afghanistan. Ms Norgrove's parents has been informed of the latest insight by Mr Cameron.

I can only offer my sympathies to the Norgrove family and the community in Uig and further afield across Lewis on their sad loss, and wish them every strength in coming to terms with the death of Linda.