View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Well, made the bold move and entered a framed photograph of mine in local exhibition Grinneas nan Eilean. This runs in Stornoway's art centre An Lanntair from next Saturday until mid-May. There is the odd chance someone may buy it, but it's more for the sake of making a contribution of sorts. Like the book I plugged last night. That was not the first book I produced on, but the first one (a printed copy of Faces from the War Memorial) is not publicly available.

Saturday 21 March

First day of spring by the astronomical calendar. Quite a springlike day, with blue skies, scattered clouds and a mild breeze. I am watching the afternoon ferry coming in, which will depart back to Ullapool at 2.30pm, in 90 minutes from now. It will return here at 9 o'clock this evening. The crossing takes just under 3 hours, and can be a bumpy affair.

Police are searching Loch Awe, east of Oban, for two men who went missing on the loch overnight. They were in a party of four, two of whom were found dead in the water. Searching was severely hampered by dense fog (visibility 5 yards) overnight. Loch Awe stretches for 24 miles and is up to 300 feet deep. It is not as deep as Loch Morar, further northwest near the port town of Mallaig, which goes down more than 1,000 feet.

All Coastguard helicopters in the north of Scotland are grounded, pending the fitting of essential parts. Last week, a fatal crash off Newfoundland claimed 17 lives, and a faulty part was found to have played a role in that incident. Replacement parts are being transported to Lewis and Shetland, but the 4 helicopters will remain out of action until they are fitted. RAF helicopters out of Prestwick and Lossiemouth will provide cover in the meantime.