View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday 12 September

Yesterday was one of the most lively days we have had for a long time, but we ain't seen nothing yet. Plenty of heavy showers on Tuesday, and the temperatures heading down to the low teens. Observed the 9/11 commemoration at 1.46pm, which appears to be becoming a slightly lower key affair. Nobody alive and aware in 2001 will ever forget what happened that day.

Today, Wednesday, was a calmer day, and as I type this (10.30pm) the mercury is heading down fast, it's only 4C / 39F at present. I had a walk round to the site of the old Nicolson Institute, which is being demolished and is going down fast. A tall pile of rubble is now all that remains of the buildings fronting Springfield Avenue, but the edifices further back on the campus remain - as yet.

One of my projects is the abridged transcription of the Statistical Accounts of Scotland of 1791-99, and they are not exactly complimentary about the Parish of Barvas. I quote:

The parish of Barvas does not furnish much room for statistical investigation, and the few observations which occur respecting it, may be comprehended within narrow bounds. [page 263]

Betwixt Barvas and Strather [Shader], in the middle of a deep moss, where no other stones are to be seen, and at a considerable distance from the sea, there is a very large stone standing upright, called Clach i Drushel, famous for nothing but its size, being 18 feet above ground and 14 feet in circumference [...]. The vulgar traditions surrounding it, is too absurd and superstitious to deserve any notice. [page 271]