View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thursday 24 January


This was the sight that greeted me this morning: the basin across the street had frozen over in a -6C overnight frost. Don't forget that this basin is tidal, connected to salt water etc. There was no wind first thing in the morning and a waferthin layer of ice had formed at high tide. The water dropped as the tide went out, leaving rocks, ropes and buoys clad in a gossamer layer of white. Just before midday, the wind started to pick up and the temperature rose from -2C to +4C (and stayed there all day), meaning the ice had gone after lunchtime.

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Wednesday 23 January

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Day started fairly cloudy, but opened out to a gloriously sunny afternoon. I have made my opinions clear on political developments and won't say more about that in this post. I have continued work on my wee project Lewismen lost in the Great War and also spread further awareness of the Iolaire Disaster of 1919. The WW1 project has now progressed to the village of Barvas, and I'll continue with Borve tomorrow.