View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wednesday 1 April

April Foolsday. The usual array of jokes etc around, including a report on a spaceman who crashed into the Barvas Moor blah blah.

P4013555 P4013554 P4013560 P4013562

Tuesday 31 March

P3313533 P3313534
P3313538 P3313539
Just 17 minutes between these two pictures
P3313540 P3313544 P3313543 P3313549 P3313551

Monday 30 March

P3303525 P3303527 P3303528 P3303532

Sunday 29 March

P3293517 P3293518 P3293520
P3293523 MV Loch Seaforth going out on the freight run

Saturday 28 March

P3283503 P3283504 P3283505 P3283508 P3283511 P3283513 P3283514

Friday 27 March

P3273496 P3273497 P3273500 P3273502