View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday 12 April

A cold day but with plenty of sunshine and the odd shower. Mercury stopped short at 8C / 46F.

I kept quiet as my muscles were aching a bit following yesterday's up- and downhills in Harris. It amounted to 700 feet of descent and ascent, which I haven't done for a wee while. I have put the graveyard pics on the Western Isles War Graves forum, which more or less completes my contributions. The pictures for the cemetery on Scarp are someone else's; in order to reach Scarp, you have to charter a private boat. I may do that yet. One of the graves at Maraig was for a sailor, who had died when his ship went down in a snowstorm in January 1918. The ship was lost off Malin Head in Ireland. Harris is about 300 miles to the north. Casualties from the Racoon washed up on the isles of Coll and Barra; one other is interred at Sandwick, a mile east of Stornoway.

After completing the transcription of the Napier Report, I shall now proceed to indexing the 46,600 questions and answers. Which should be a doddle.