View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday 3 November

A very cold day, with the mercury at only 6C / 43F. Heathrow Airport, west of London, recorded 16C / 61F this afternoon, highlighting the large temperature differential across the country. Went into town to buy some storage 'solutions' (read: folders, box-file &c), then paid a visit to Sandwick Cemetery. It was there that I noticed how cold it got, and even more so later in the afternoon.

After 4pm, the Red Duchess hove into view, towed by the Anglian Prince. The Duchess had suffered engine failure yesterday, and it had taken 24 hours for the Prince to tow her the 100 miles from the Isle of Rum, where the breakdown had occurred. I was a bit annoyed that nightfall overtook me when the boats came in, meaning I could only see a few lights as they headed for what I took to be pier no 1. Once the Duchess's engine is fixed, her cargo of coal will be discharged.