View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Remembering Today - 5 March

Today on this day in the First World War, these men from the Isle of Lewis laid down their lives in the service of King and Country. RIP.

Last address in Lewis: 41 South Shawbost,
Son of Murdo and Christy Morrison, of 41, South Shawbost, Stornoway; husband of Catherine Morrison, of 41, South Shawbost, Stornoway, Lewis. Served in the South African War with the 3rd Bn. Seaforth Highlanders.
Regiment or division: Royal Naval Reserve, HMT Flicker
Service number: 3541/C
Date of death: 5 March 1916 at the age of 42
Ship sunk by mine
Interred: Dover (St James) Cemetery, grave N. H. 9.

Last address in Lewis: 19 North Bragar,
Son of John and Maggie MacLean, of 19, North Bragar, Stornoway.
Regiment or division: Royal Naval Reserve, HMS President III
Service number: 3109A
Date of death: 5 March 1917 at the age of 28
Died at home whilst on leave
Interred at Bragar Old Churchyard
Local memorial: West Side, Bragar

Late night notes

Is anyone else experiencing a long wait before blogs load? You'll have to bear with me regarding the reading of journals and updates on Facebook.

And is there anyone out there that cares a pin that Michael Jackson will finally leave the music scene this year? I'm not among them.

Was watching a very nice program tonight about a tour around the Arctic with Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly. Stunning landscapes in Alaska, wow.

And a trip down memory lane earlier in the evening with Ballykissangel, which was first transmitted by the BBC in 1996.

The Australian state of Queensland is eyeballing tropical cyclone Hamish, which is winding up some 200 miles north of Cairns. This storm will skirt the east coast of the state, and I have this hunch that it could get quite nasty.

Thursday 5 March

Quite a nice afternoon, with some bright and (behind glass) warm sunshine. Weather conditions in southern England are described as atrocious, with lorries being abandoned in snow on the A37 road between Dorchester and Yeovil. Last night, we had a heavy fall of wet snow which melted within minutes of falling. It was carried along on a strong breeze, which made it stick to the windows for a little while. The strange thing is though, that the narcissi, crocuses and snowdrops are all out, and the wild roses up the road are sprouting leaves. Yep, it is March and spring isn't far off.