View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 6 July 2015

July 7th

July 7th has two black marks on it. The first occurred in 1995, when Bosnian Serb forces overran the UN safe haven of Srebrenica, Bosnia, which was established in Bosnian Serb territory during the Yugoslav war. General Ratko Mladic ordered men and boys to be rounded up, using UN forces to do the dirty work, and have them bussed out into the woods - where all were shot dead. The Dutch battallion of the UN force did nothing to stop the Bosnian Serbs, and the Dutch government have since been held responsible for their inertia. What could they have done? One soldier said he stood next to Mladic and could have pulled the trigger. However, the Bosnian Serb force was so overwhelming that any resistance would have been suicidal. Furthermore, the UN force was so poorly equipped that they would not have stood a chance. Seven thousand Bosnian Moslims were killed. Mladic is standing trial at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Hague. I personally know Dutch military personnel who were at Srebrenica during this episode. I cannot imagine their state of mind.

The second black mark against July 7th goes back ten years, to 2005. Four suicide bombers let off their devices on the London Underground and a London Transport bus, killing 52 innocent people.

We remember the innocent victims of senseless violence across the ages.

Friday 3 July

We took advantage of a beautiful summer's day for a bus trip to Ness, specifically the beach at Eoropie. Between buses, there was just over an hour and a half to admire the machair flowers and go down to the beach. After a cup of tea, it was time to return to the road for the 3.40 bus back to Stornoway.

P7035084 P7035086 P7035097 P7035099 Newvalley
P7035105 P7035111 Barvas Moor
P7035126 P7035125 Upper Barvas
P7035136 Borve
P7035147 P7035145 South Dell
P7035157 P7035159 P7035168 P7035169 P7035173 P7035176 P7035186 P7035193 P7035195 P7035198 P7035202 P7035208 P7035211 P7035213 P7035223 P7035230

Thursday 2 July

P7025064 5.30 am
P7025071 Cruiseliner Minerva behind Arnish
P7025073 A funny angle on the Minerva

Wednesday 1 July

P7015028 P7015032 P7015036 P7015038 P7015040 P7015042 P7015045 P7015049
July came in with a good high temperature, 19C, but this was followed by some pretty ferocious thunderstorms in the afternoon. There were 8000 lightning discharges in the Western Isles!

Tuesday 30 June

P6305012 P6305014 P6305015 P6305019 P6305023 P6305026

Red Arrows

The world-famous RAF aerobatics display team the Red Arrows paid a visit to Stornoway in the afternoon of Monday 29 June. The team took part in the 150-year anniversary celebrations of Stornoway Port Authority. For about 25 minutes they wowed a 6,000-strong crowd of on-lookers, packed into the ferry marshalling area, along the seafront from South Beach to Newton and (as in my case) on Goat Island. Others were able to look on from areas away from town.

P6294946 P6294949 P6294950
P6294952 P6294954 P6294956 P6294960 P6294959 P6294968 P6294976 P6294979 P6294988 P6294985 P6294991 P6294992 P6294995 P6294997 P6295004 P6295005