View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Title picture

Have changed the title picture that fronts this blog. It is a very wintry image, although that doesn't mean lots of snow. Just very brown and dull colours, with the black ribbon of the road leading into the distance. The hill is called Eitsal, and carries transmitters for radio, television and mobile phones. The location is about 15 miles southwest of Stornoway.

Cruiseships galore

It's been very busy with cruiseliners in recent days, even though two of them were unable to dock due to the poor weather conditions at the time. Today, two have come to call. Le Diamant is docked alongside no 3 pier, as I reported earlier today. At 4pm, the National Geographic Explorer dropped anchor in Glumag Harbour, directly across from my position on the seafront. Needless to say, I was out with the camera.

Le Diamant

National Geographic Explorer

Vistamar - was unable to dock on 24 August in spite of deceptively bright conditions.

Hurricane update - 26 August

This afternoon sees a new kid on the block: tropical storm Danny. This system is located 775 miles south southeast of Cape Hatteras, NC, and will head northwest. At present, winds blow at up to 45 mph, mainly to the north of its centre. Danny will gradually gain in strength and is anticipated to veer north northwest, to parallel the US coastline. Landfall in the Carolinas cannot be ruled out, although a course further out to see would see landfall in New England or the Canadian Maritimes over the weekend, as a category I hurricane. This is all still very uncertain, so keep watching the NHC output every 6 hours; as soon as land becomes threatened within 36 hours, these updates will come every 3 hours.

Wednesday 26 August

The sun is just poking through the clouds after a sopping wet morning. That is all that Hurricane Bill (or what's left of it) will be bringing us. The rainfall radar shows the back end of the rain moving into the West Side of Lewis (at 1130, 40 minutes ago), so it'll be sunshine this afternoon. Prime midge weather :-\

Channel 4 is going to axe Big Brother after next summer's session, thank heavens. I have not watched it for 5 years, and have come to regard it with no respect at all. It is one of Holland's exports I am not proud of. Don't forget it was Dutch TV producer John Endemol who came up with the format some years ago.

Strathclyde Police (who cover Glasgow) have stated that they would have provided whatever police cover would have been necessary for Al Megrahi, if he had been released into the community in Scotland. This flies in the face of what Justice Secretary Kenny Macaskill said last week, namely that 48 officers would have been required, which was too much for a hospice situation, and too much for one man. I'm disappointed.

And we have a cruiseliner in. Docked, alongside number 3 pier. Le Diamant, a 35-year old French boat. The previous two cruiseliners were not able to put anyone ashore, so it's a relief to see one alongside as per normal. I'll post some pictures later today.