View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Views of the weekend

Today was a brilliantly sunny day, and the last light is just fading in the northwest. Although I did not go anywhere, there was sufficient inspiration around to point a camera at over the last few days.

The distortion caused by a frosted window

The flat calm before sunset on Sunday

Choppy waters on Saturday

Local talent on display in the Grinneas nan Eilean exhibition

Easter Sunday

It is sunny although a tad breezy in the Western Isles today. As it is Sunday, things are very quiet out here. Very little moves, apart from the wind and anything stirred up by it.

Talking of the wind, it created a stir on Loch Ness today, when the same yacht had to be rescued for the second time in three days. On the second occasion, it ran aground 50 metres out of Urquhart harbour. The RNLI towed it free and its skipper given a lecture on setting forth in suitable conditions. Canoeists got into difficult near Invermoriston yesterday afternoon, when their vessel capsized in rough conditions. One of them reportedly was barely unable to walk due to hypothermia. He had been in the water for 20 minutes. The RNLI wish to reinforce the message that conditions on Loch Ness, which is more than 20 miles long, can be as bad as out in the open sea.

Today is Easter Sunday - I hope everybody is having a nice one this year.