View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday 21 July

Can't really say that today stood out in any fashion. The weather was not too bad, with bright and occasionally sunny spells. Did some work on the transcriptions of the Napier Report, finding the quote of the week: "My house would be none the worse for being better". And the Lochinver lifeboat, which was coming to Stornoway for its bi-annual refit and repainting, had to divert to the cruiseliner Crown Princess to take a sick passenger off the boat. I later saw the vessel passing in the distance, as a fata morgana, floating above the horizon.

Hurricane update - 21 July

There are four active tropical cyclones around the world, but none of them are directly threatening land.

The Western Pacific is hosting the decaying remains of typhoon Ma-on, with winds of no more than 30 knots (force 7), to the south of Japan.

The Eastern Pacific shows a category IV hurricane, Dora, off Cabo Corrientes in Mexico, headed for Baja California. The storm will not directly impact the peninsula, but its outliers may bring high winds, rain and high swells.

The Atlantic has two tropical storms, Bret and Cindy. Bret is located between Bermuda and the Carolinas, but poses no threat to mainland USA; Cindy is 1200 miles west of the Azores and 900 miles east of Bermuda.