View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Monday, 15 December 2008

Darkness has fallen

The sun set at half past three this afternoon, but invisible to us here in Stornoway. It has been blowing a near-gale all day, and the ferry had a hell of a time crossing from Ullapool. MV Isle of Lewis has stayed in port here, and is not setting forth again until the morning - weather permitting.

Helen's news struck a chord with me, hence the terseness of my note on Call for Support. My mother, as you know, passed away on 1 May last; her mother died last Friday. This coming Christmas and New Year aren't going to be easy on anyone who has suffered a bereavement this year - or any year. Those newly widowed will feel the emptyness and loneliness keenly, as will their children.

Monday 15 December

Guess what? It's blowing another hoolie out here, and it's lashing down with rain.
Guess what? Local radio said the day would start bright and sunny. Think they had yesterday's forecast in front of them.
Guess what? Some people had too much to drink over the weekend, so the courthouse will be full today.
Guess what? I'll write some more later.