View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Saturday, 22 November 2008

AOL dial-up

If there is anyone in the UK still accessing AOL by dial-up, I would like to know how they do it. Last week, my broadband connection (not by AOL) failed and I wanted to go on line to find out on the ISP's website. I had previously removed the AOL 9.0 software, but reinstalled it for this purpose. When it came to the bit where the program dials a number to find out the access numbers for the dial-up service, the modem could be heard receiving the "number not known" signal, but not acting on it. So, is there still a dial-up service on AOL UK, and there is, what is its access number?

Saturday 22 November

Quiet if rather cold day out here, the weatherstation at the airport (3 miles away) reports 3C / 37F. My father, over in Holland, sent me pictures this morning showing a blanket of snow. Much like we had in Stornoway 4 weeks ago. Not today - it is just overcast with little wind.

Mainland Scotland is affected by heavy snow, which makes driving very difficult. Further south, a warm front which will come in off the Atlantic is expected to bring black-ice and freezing rain on Sunday. This will herald a change to milder weather. It's late November, so what do you expect.

Once more, suicide by chatroom has reared its ugly head. A young man, aged 19, had announced he was going to take his life, which he proceeded to do live on webcam. For hours, he lay motionless in front of his camera, before the moderator of the chatroom was notified and police were called. Although some chatters had tried to dissuade the victim, others had egged him on to go for it. Just goes to show what some people are like. It also goes to show how a chatroom serves to de-personify people, by making them less like real people.