View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday 29 February

It's :Leap Year Day today, and the babies born today will only be able to celebrate their birthday properly once every 4 years. It reminds me of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Pirates of Penzance, where the hero can leave his apprenticeship with the pirates on his 21st birthday. Only to find out it was February 29th, so he can't leave until he is 84.

It felt very cold today, as a strong wind blew over Stornoway. Quite a contrast to the summery scenes over in Aberdeen, particularly yesterday. Went into town for a few bits and bobs, but it felt bitterly cold in the southerly breeze. We are set for a colder spell as March comes in, but just a dip in temperatures, no return to winter imminent.

Quite a few schools in the Western Isles are closing this year, among them the ones at Sandwickhill and Bragar. A Facebook page, organised by Tasglann nan Eilean [Hebridean Archives] has been set up for each of the schools, and the one at Airidhantuim seems to be particularly popular. Wanna try pronouncing that last name? Unless you're a local person here in Lewis, you will never get it right.